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I only just recently met Patricia and Paul a couple of weeks ago at Kinsley and Greyson’s Baptism, while my time with them was very short I could tell then that love they had for each other was one that would last a lifetime. I was honored when Kinsley’s mother contacted me before her daughters baptism to start scheming to have me there when Paul popped the question.

The plan was for the family to take their annual trip up to Carter’s Mountain Orchard to pick apples. It was going to be a coincidence that I was there should Patricia recognize me. Fortunately, my wife and I busted out our best ninja moves and stayed hidden. There were a few harrowing moments on the trek up the orchard where I thought I was going to be seen but luck was on our side this day.

I can only hypothesize but a women’s intuition took over and Patricia darted off the path heading into the apple groves.  Paul and I were the only ones to see this and I quickly followed up the parallel row after her. Paul was not far behind her searching for the best spot apple he could find. Around half way up the row I heard Paul point out a really good apple high up on the right, I knew then that the time had arrived.

I popped out just in time to catch Paul make it down on one knee and ask for Patricia to spend the rest of their lives together. It was an absolute joy to capture this moment for them. I wish Patricia and Paul a lifetime of happiness! Congrats to both of you!

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  1. Patricia Fleming

    We can’t thank you enough for capturing these moments of our perfect day. It still seems so surreal! The pictures radiate the happiness and love we felt today. We are forever grateful to you that we will be able to look back at these pictures for the rest of our lives together! 🙂

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